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AF 100 Day Studio 75
Social inequality and design for home-based work – a call to arms

For those with plenty of space and access to a garden, lockdown is proving a tolerable – and for some positively enjoyable – experience. The opposite is true for social tenants in small, overcrowded apartments with little or no outside space. Here, Frances Holliss proposes design for home-based work, including non-knowledge work, as an integral aspect of all future urban and housing design.

The 100 Day Studio was a series of online lectures, interviews, building tours and panel discussions, organised by The Architecture Foundation during the Covid-19 lockdown. For 100 weekdays from Monday 6 April to Thursday 17 August 2020, the 100 Day Studio hosted many of best architects and architectural thinkers in the world, broadcast live and uploaded on the Architecture Foundation’s dedicated Youtube Channel

Workhome Project

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