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Episode 2: Design for Home-based Work

Working from home has presented a number of physical and spatial challenges for many of us in our varying homes, households and neighbourhoods. In our latest episode we discuss the various ways that design can improve our ability to work from home and why it is important.

In this episode, the members of the workhome project present some of their own design ideas, spanning from the urban design scale down to the small individual performative interventions of the individual. The team then discuss how these ideas could be realised.

Presentations and discussion from Frances Hollis, Howard Davis, Richard Brown, Jeremy Porteus, Cany Ash and Joseph Kohlmaier.

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Episode 1: Social Inequality and the Workhome

With Richard Brown and Frances Holliss

Working from home is becoming the new norm – while white collar workers have benefited, it has increased inequality for many working class employees. Here more about these issues on our latest podcast, ‘Social Inequality and the Workhome’, with Dr Frances Holliss and Richard Brown.

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